Recruitment – Rapid Talent Management

“Serving you in meeting the talent shortage”

We have proven success recruiting qualified people across a wide range of specialized industries and professions. We have had success recruiting for permanent positions as well as contract and temporary assignments.  

Clients are in a variety of disciplines including sales, management, training, human resources, information technology and finance and accounting. Industries include Education, Distribution, Manufacturing, Not-for-Profit and Service Sectors.  

At bjornson & associates inc., we believe the right job can transform a person's life and the right person can transform a business. We partner with hiring managers to clearly define the role, design the process, and execute to meet requirements.  

What is our unique approach?

We teach / coach clients HOW to recruit so that at the end of the assignment they have a new team member AND the hiring managers have a higher confidence level when making a hiring decision.  Through the process clients experience the difference that recruitment coaching makes; they build a more integrated talent solution during the project. This includes a more complete role definition and can also include a customized on-boarding process. 

Our goal is to provide a recruitment solution such that our clients are able to conduct future searches themselves.

We work alongside our clients and offer Rapid Talent Management Solutions.
The Bronze, Silver and Gold option programs have been designed based on the requests of our clients:

The Bronze option, titled “Kick off the recruitment process” begins with a clear job definition, includes a psychometric behavioural job profile and a list of recommend sources and job posting.

The Silver option focuses on “Getting to the Shortlist” and includes proactively promoting the job, receiving/reviewing resumes, pre-screening candidates via telephone and ends with a short list of candidates for the interview.

Gold – “Get the right one on board!”

The Gold option includes selection, co-creating an interview guide, interviewing, assessments and testing, background, education and reference checking; and extending of the offer.  A review of the On-boarding program completes this option

Rates vary with options and level of the position to be filled.   

A variety of selection tools are available. These include behavioural analysis, general intelligence and emotional intelligence assessments.

We are happy to discuss these options or to customize an option to meet your needs.

Please review the Rapid Talent Management Options or contact us for further details.