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The role of leader is to develop tomorrow's leaders.  

This strategic role requires that leaders have the ability to ASSESS, PREDICT and INSPIRE performance in their organization. Hiring, managing and retaining the right people, while getting results, inspiring others, un-locking and shaping future leaders within the workforce is leader's role! 

We help organizations to prepare themselves and their teams for today's workplace challenges.

Selection and Coaching tools to increase the leader's capacity to ASSESS, PREDICT and INSPIRE: 

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) - Understand the individual behavioural preferences of your current team members.

Job Analysis (HJA) - Define the ideal behavioural preferences of the next role. 

Team Culture - Define the ideal team behavioural culture, to remain competitive.

General Intelligence - Assess cadidate's skills for specific roles.

Emotional Intelligence - Assess and predice the Emotional Intelligence of your leaders as they role model others.

360 Feedback - What performance-based information and competencies can be useful in learning? in identifying and successioning new leaders.

Recommended Books to aid in growing tomorrow's leaders:

The Leadership Gap by David S. Weiss & Vince Molinaro

How Leaders Speak by Jim Gray

Drive by Daniel H. Pink