Interested in finding Innovative Talent and Organizational Solutions to increase your success with your PEOPLE?  Learn how to reduce risk by hiring the RIGHT people, increasing employee engagement and retention through aligning of behaviours, attitudes, skills and knowledge to the changing needs of the organization.  Results - more focus on responsibilities, accountabilities and outcomes within their role.

Immediate value is demonstrated in talent solutions including on-boarding, career management and team building options.

Talent Acquisition & Talent Management

Corporate Branding             
Sourcing Negotiating the Offer
Selection On-Boarding / Orientation new team members

Clients develop their people through our People & Learning Development solutions, increasing the intellectual capital for competitive advantage.  

Learning and Development

Behavioural Interviewing  
Team Building
Leadership Development HR Fundamentals
Diversity & Cross Cultural Communications   Performance Management

Career solutions provide options for transferring and developing knowledge in other roles within the organization OR to external opportunities, depending on the need or vision.

Organizational Change including retention of Knowledge, outplacement and Career Change

From on-site Employer Meeting to Employer Transaction Coaching Sessions


Assessments to support selection

Behaviours (PPA) using Thomas International DISC

Behavioural Interviewing for Managers
Cognitive/Mental Aptitude (GIA) and
Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)
Organizational Assessments

Feed Forward Performance Management

Knowledge Continuity
Career or Organizational Audits
360 Feedback
Assessments to Develop Teams Individuals/teams in Transition
Thomas International Team Culture  "Lead your own change" using the Holistic Narrative Career Coaching Approach
Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) Who You Are Matters (WYAM) Career Game (groups)
Who You Are Matters (WYAM) Thomas International DISC Career Profile
Worklife Sketch and Career Statement Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC)
  Interview preparation

Getting the HR basics right enables the HR Leader to focus on strategy and organizational development. 

HR Fundamentals

 HR Audit  Rewards and Recognition
 Policy and Process development  Performance Management
 Organizational Design  Conflict Management
 Compensation and Benefits  Succession Planning

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