Like any skilled professional, we at bjornson and associates inc. make use of tools, when appropriate to help facilitate change.  These tools augment the consulting or facilitation process providing insights for individuals, managers or teams.  

These tools in our portfolio include the following:

Assessments to Support Selection
  • Behaviours (PPA) using Thomas International DISC
  • Behavioural Interviewing for Managers
  • Cognitive/Mental Aptitude (GIA)
  • Emotional Intelligence (TEIQue)
Survey tools to Support Organizations
  • FeedForward Performance Management
  • Knowledge Continuity 
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Career or Organizational Audits
  • 360 Feedback
Assessments to Develop Teams
  • Team Culture using Thomas International DISC
  • Organizational Systems Coaching (ORSC)
  • Who You Are Matters (WYAM)
  • Worklife Sketch and Career Statement
Tools to Guide Individuals in Transition
  • CareerCycles (Holistic Narrative Approach)
  • Who You Are Matters (WYAM) Career Game - groups
  • Career Sketch & Career Statement
  • Thomas International DISC career profile
  • Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching
  • Interview Preparation 

Contact us to learn how these or other tools may support your needs.